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Audience reaches; why your facebook page and website are different marketing tools

At its core, marketing is about getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. For this an understanding of your customer is essential. Part of this understanding is knowing the path they will take from knowing nothing about your product or service, right through to supporting them after they’ve brought it. This article looks at how your website and facebook pages are part of this customer journey, but at different points.

What does your customer’s journey look like?

The aim of tracking your customer journey is to understand where and how to help them move to the next step. Each step of their journey will have a differing set of needs. At the beginning of their journey you must make sure you make an emotional connection. Once a customer has this they will be more likely to want to investigate the facts and features behind your product to see if it meets their practical requirements. If you try to meet their emotional requirements with a really dry whitepaper, you could lose their interest. Likewise if you offer them loosely related anecdotal stories when they need hard facts, they may walk away.

Using this to understand the difference between Facebook and your website

It is more and more common for the first touchpoint of your customer’s journey to be social media. One of the reasons Facebook can be such a powerful tool is that it can offer highly tailored adverts to your customers that feature the endorsement of their friends and family. Your customer is much more likely to form an emotional interest in your product if their friend has liked your page. Once they have investigated your Facebook page they may well be ready to get a better understanding of your product and this is where your website comes in.

Landing your sale

Moving this potential customer from your Facebook page to the correct landing page of your website means they can continue their journey with ease. The landing page will be tailored in look, feel, and content, to introduce the factual side of your product or service. It is likely that from this page on your website you will have a call to action to actually buy your product.

Reaching your audience

Your Facebook page and website offer you two quite different marketing opportunities. The audience for each (and their mindset) must be handled correctly to ensure that you leverage  the most value from each.

Getting your website correctly structured so that it forms an effective part of your marketing strategy is an important element of what I do. Contact me to discuss how I can help turn your website visitors into valued customers.