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Website trends for 2019

All design fields have trends and websites are no exception. If you’re planning a website for 2019 you’ll want to know what concepts and ideas are going to be big this year. What design elements can you plan on being a hit this year?

While I’d never advocate jumping onto a website design consideration simply because everyone else is doing it, understanding the value of what is working for others (and why) can offer opportunity. Could it work for you and is it worth considering? From ideas as simple as working on the diagonal to more complex elements like animation, what will 2019 usher in?

Strong Colour and Gradients

Colours are a powerful element to any design philosophy and feed into to how the UX and site are structured. Strong colours let your users quickly assess the way the page is laid out and this can help direct them to where they want to go. Whether this works for you is dependent on brand considerations. Other ways to bring the best of 2019 to your site are clever use of white space and use of colour gradients.


User interaction is driving a wave of modern site design considerations. Letting visitors see your ideas and products in new and exciting ways can only be a good thing; as long as it creates engagement and halts the dreaded drop-off. It’s no secret that a killer animation makes users want to stop and explore if done right. Be it as the first thing that hits a visitor to your site, or as a result of a scroll trigger, animations sure do get attention.

Go Custom

“Me too” stock is out for 2019. Consider your home, it’s the little touches that make if feel “yours”, right? It’s the same with websites. The font, little graphics here and there, some custom photographic efforts and a neat on-brand video or animation go a long way to making your site feel like it hangs together. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, either. Just pick some key locations where such customisation will really get noticed.

Fluid design and organics

You’re used to hearing about “organic” when it comes to websites, but forget SEO for the moment. Less formal shapes and organic looking design is set to be a big look for 2019. While brand will, again, play a large part in the decision, most brands can work with some form of organic shape setting. The results can be visually very strong, as well.

No matter what stylistic trappings you make use of in 2019, somethings will say the same. Website UX needs to closely match your visitor expectations and poor functionality will lose you traffic. Your website needs to hang together well and work at a reasonably quick rate. Slow and broken sites will damage your business. Put simply, your website working correctly under the hood is a necessity, not a “nice to have”. That’s where I can help, making and keeping your site running perfectly. Drop by and say “Hi” if you’d like to talk about your new or current site requirements.