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Why your website is important to your business

It’s common business wisdom that you have to have a website. Have you stopped to ask why that is? What does a website do for your business and why is it important to have one? I’m going to cut through the clutter and tell you why you (probably) really need a website.

Beyond the brochureware

The term “brochureware” came about early on in web history. Who exactly originated it is lost to the annals of time but it remains a red flag for many. It means a website that is static, with no interactive content. Exactly like a PDF of your brochure you uploaded online. However, I’d argue and so would others that your website must simply be what your business needs it to be. If that means simple content that needs no updates, then so be it. If it’s a highly interactive affair with loads of fizzing content and complex user interaction then that’s fine too. What’s important is that your website is an extension of who you are as a company. It must build on your marketing plan, it must be cost effective, and it must work to your advantage. Otherwise what’s the point?

What’s right for you

The most important first step I take with my customers is finding out what they really need. Let’s get one thing straight from the start; some companies don’t need a website. If your marketing plan is 100% referral based, perhaps one of the trades, then a website might cost more than it makes. However, for the vast majority of businesses, a website is an important marketing tool. It enhances visibility and grows “passing digital trade”; people who didn’t know they were looking for you, but found you via general internet searching. You may also have a requirement for interactivity, something that modern websites excel at. An online shop, searchable product database, online chat tool, interactive maps, and the list goes on. The key element to all of this is that your website fulfils the aims your business needs generate and adds value to your organisation.

A website that works will reap rewards

A website that works for your business will have many benefits. It can make you available 24/7 and shows the world you are open for business. It lets you track how your customers are finding you and what engages them at different cycles in their customer journey. It offers you access to data on your business processes that you will get nowhere else. It lets you communicate with customers and them communicate with you. It gives you credibility, authority and influence. It adds to your bottom line.

Can you risk not adding those benefits to your business? Talk to me about how I can make sure you get the website you need.