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Why Your Website May Be Turning Customers Away

Why your website may be turning customers away

You’ve built your website, you’ve created the content and you’ve marketed your site well enough that the visitors are starting to roll in. While reviewing your site statistics, you notice that the bounce rate is far too high and visitors are only staying 20 or 30 seconds before leaving. What could be causing customers to leave and what can you do about it?

Causing confusion

With so many clearly laid out websites that are quick and easy to use, sites that are a structural mess will make people head for the exit. Your homepage, or landing page, must get to the point quickly and elegantly without making people search for what they want. At the heart of this will be how you’ve fixed your navigation, laid your site out, and how you’ve designed and ordered your content.

Avoid the eyesore

We can all remember those sites from the mid 90’s. All yellow backgrounds and flashing GIFS. While your site won’t look like that (unless you’re aiming for a retro look) a poor design can turn people away. There are very scientific and precise ways in which people look at your site and putting the wrong thing in the wrong place, or making it visually unpleasant to look at, will cost you visitors.

Your content quality is poor

Even if your site requires only minimal content, you need to ensure that the content is top class. Something as small as a spelling mistake, factual error, or non sequitur may make some people up and leave. Getting content correct means people feel good about what you’re telling them right from the start.

Lacking the personal touch

In-your-face registration requirements, ads that auto play or a simple lack of personality can all stop visitors in their tracks and cause them to abandon ship. User Experience is a key factor in how people relate to your site and has a large controlling say in how their visit will shape up.

Know what you want to achieve

Having a clear goal from the start about what you want your site to achieve will go a long way to helping create a great end result. Bear in mind that falling foul of these pitfalls may cause issues that are harder to see than just user drop off. It can be very hard to find out why you’ve got low sales or poor engagement.

Lack of solid planning often leads to some or all of the elements above hindering rather than helping visitors to your site. Knowing who will visit your site and having a clear idea about what you want them to do will make the site much more likely to succeed.

I’ve helped ensure many of my clients have successful websites that draw people in rather than turn them away. Contact me to find out how I can do the same for yours.

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