Website Maintenance

Need help on a live site? No problem.

No matter how good your website is at the start, over time it will get slower, less secure and out-of-date. Regular maintenance is vital to protect your investment and make sure you’re not the target of a reputation damaging website hack.

Over time the systems that your website relies on to operate effectively can become bogged down with unneeded data and add-ons. This can translate to visitors waiting longer for your site to load and leaving to visit your competitors.

Every website, no matter the size or subject, can be hacked. Modern hackers use automated software to test all available websites on the internet; including yours, for security issues. Falling foul of such an attack can lead not just to embarrassment but data loss and business continuity issues as well. My regular and proactive security maintenance can stop this from happening.

I can manage your website maintenance, feel free to contact me to get started.

website maintenance

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